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Anaesthesia Fees Explained

You will receive an account from your anaesthetist that is separate from your hospital, pharmacy, and other medical/doctors bills.

Your account can be paid by cheque, cash, credit card, EFTPOS or money order and then rebates claimed from Medicare and your private fund (if applicable). Credit Card payments can be made over the phone.

Your account is calculated in accordance with the structure recommended by both the Australian Society of Anaesthetists (ASA) and the Australian Medical Association (AMA). Generally this means that there is a "gap” for you to pay (difference in the amount your anaesthetist charges and the amount your fund will refund you).

This gap varies depending on the complexity of the anaesthesia and operation, the duration of anaesthesia and operation, your previous medical conditions, and your after surgery care.

When Medicare was first introduced, the Medicare Benefit and the AMA Fee were on a par with each other which meant patients rarely had a gap to pay. However, over time the Medicare Benefit has remained relatively static and has not kept pace with increases in CPI, inflation, and average weekly earnings.

Each anaesthetist individually determines their own fees. In most instances you will be expected to pay the gap amount prior to your procedure and your invoice will be sent to your fund immediately following your surgery. However, due to differences between private health insurers sometimes alternate methods of payment may be recommended. All uninsured patients and those undergoing cosmetic procedures will be expected to pay the full anaesthetic fee prior to their procedure.

If you have any concerns regarding your anaesthetic fee you should discuss this prior to your procedure. The most appropriate time to do so will be during the consultation with your anaesthetist.

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